Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes: In Which Libraries Don't Save the Money I Thought They Would

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 1, possibly "and only")

1. My kid took a bite out of a library book today, and I've spent the last 90 minutes beating myself up about how I should've kept the book in a special place, had special library book reading time, blah, blah, blah, all the stuff good parents do, and trying to imagine how much a library-grade board book might cost. This wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't been so darn self-congratulatory about the whole new library adventure. I elected myself "mom of the century" while entering the library's children section with my toddlers -- who are obviously geniuses #whyelsewouldIbethere -- and now I'm the mom who's standing in line to pay for a chewed-up book. 

  2. Speaking of going to the library for the first time in awhile, I totally get people who leave the Catholic Church and then come back again once they have kids. a) "Well, it hasn't meant much to me the last few years, but I want my kids to have this experience." b) "Hm, being here is kind of nice. It's different than I remember, but familiar. I like it."

3. Our kitchen light went out a few weeks ago. We replaced the bulbs, which didn't work, and in the mess of other new homeowner to-do lists, it just wasn't worth the mental effort to troubleshoot it further. Until this morning at breakfast, when I suddenly decided it had to be fixed. Now. We took off the cover, and removed the only other part we could, a metal box with lots of wires. I took it to Home Depot, held it up like the foreign object it is, and said, "I need one of these." The part they sent me home with wasn't an exact fit for our fixture, but nothing a power drill couldn't fix. So when the light came back on, we felt like superheroes. Or I did, at least.

"I need one of these."

4. We never did turn off the power while working on the light and reconnecting all the wires. But as my Latest Favorite Youtube Instant Sensation explains: ain't nobody got time for that! (From what I understand, this woman's been offered several commercial spots since this news story aired!)

5. I've become obsessed with things that can look better with a coat of paint. And since the prime of our new home was circa 1980, I just don't even know where to start. My latest target was a coat of white paint over the gold fixture in the bathroom, which spread to the gold light switch covers. (Who even knew you could get those in gold???) This is definitely budget-inspired creativity, but the convenience just goes so much further. No shopping for breakables with kids in tow, spray paint dries in about the length of a nap time, and worst case scenario, it turns out horribly, and we have to replace it. Which we were gonna do anyway. I wish I had a before picture to show you, but I suffer from this terrible impulsivity, and when it hits, see #4.

6. I collect trash. It's part of that "budget-inspired creativity" that makes me look at anything that's not smelly or exceedingly deteriorated and think, "That could be something!" So my latest acquisition was a changing table, and a nice one, rescued from my neighbor's Spring Cleaning pile before the morning rain got it. I wiped it down with Lysol, and now our garage smells piney fresh. Mmm. I was thrilled when Wally said, "Well, we don't really need a changing table, but maybe we could cut the top off, and it could become useful for something else." Yes! That's what I'm talking about! I love that ingenuity! But seriously, we don't actually need more stuff. So within seconds of posting it for free on Facebook, one of my friends responded that her church had just posted a need for a changing table. Yes! Need met!

7. Five days late, and always a dollar short: thoughts on Beyonce's Super Bowl half-time: She is a great dancer and singer, so talented. But I was disappointed, because instead of just being a cool, fun performer at a national event, her whole show was saturated with sexual innuendo. It highlighted the double-standard between men and women performing artists. Why do amazing women feel like their talent won't be recognized unless it's sold with a sexy message?

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  1. Over the years, we have paid so many fines for late books and ripped books. We have a newish system that helps, but there will always be fines. I consider it an investment in my children's education.
    Go you, fixing a light like that. I stay far away from anything electrical.
    And that woman was hilarious. Can't wait to see her on some commercials.