Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Secret I'll Talk About But Not Share (More on Church with Kids)

I had the most awesome experience at Mass this week! And even though it was oh-so-awesome, I won't share too many details, because in the true spirit of Parking-Lot Catholicism, I don't want the love and community of our faith to get in the way of my agenda (to have future awesome Mass experiences with children in tow).

I'm a Catholic. Trying to get out of the parking lot after Mass.

Twenty minutes into the celebration, Josh is loudly sharing his opinions during the scripture readings and squirming to look at the kids behind us, no, the altar, no, the songbook, no, his brother, no, the Bible... and I finally resign to take him out. As I carry him to the back of the sanctuary, the usher nods and smiles encouragingly, and I understand him to mean: "Yes, you're making the right call for everyone."

It's standing-room only in the narthex, and I'm just not up to the Purgatory-paydown of standing through Mass, so I slide into a side room in search of a chair. It felt like walking into this:

Not only did I find a big, padded chair that was way more comfortable than the wooden pew, but audio from the Mass was being streamed in through an overhead speaker, and there was this beautiful picture in front of me:

After getting over mom-envy toward Our Blessed Mother and her Perfect Child, Josh and I enjoy a relaxed, comfortable, dare-I-say-contemplative Sunday Mass.
Nonetheless, I'll bet money Mary and Jesus had more of these moments than the one above:

P.S. Please don't look too hard for the secret room I found. Because it's very easy to find, and I'm surprised no one else has.

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