Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes: In Which I Don't Workout and We Have A New Pope (Vol. 3)

1. On Surprise Fridays

Every time Jen's 7 Quick Takes Friday blog comes up in my Google Reader feed, I think, "Oh, she's posting early this week!" And then I realize, no, it's actually Friday. When I was working full-time, I never missed a Friday. I knew by Wednesday that Friday was coming, and just kind of held on tight until it arrived.

2. On Fixing Washing Machines

Hair Rubberband + Zip Tie = Call me up, MacGuyver. Yes, I'll join your team. Hopefully it holds. Or we could have a serious mess on our hands.

3. On Sequestration

The inability of Congress to reach consensus and avoid sequestration surprises me. Perhaps I'm too idealistic an American. But now I'm beginning to think, if we could run our marriages like we do our government, there would be no more divorce! And not at the expense of miserable people stuck together for life, but just happy people all living together in bliss, inspired by the success of our two-party political system.

4. On Lent 

I hit that point in Lent when the sacrifice is no longer novel and the motive of self-improvement is no longer motivating. But luckily, that's not what it's supposed to be about anyway! So this is the point where I give up on me, God doesn't give up on me, and we can finally start getting somewhere. Ah, grace. 

5. On Working Out

I don't work out. Unless you count miles of walking a day, not for the sake of exercise, but just to drain the energy out of my boys, so they take coinciding naps and go to bed early. Yes, fresh air and exercise and seeing the world are great, and we have some fun adventures. But I just keep my eyes on the prize: nap time and bed time. My husband, however, has been showing some real initiative on the workout front. We tried to do a workout regiment after our youngest son was born, but I quit after a week. (Why would I workout and get all exhausted, if my kids weren't getting exhausted too? Eyes on the Prize!) So Wally gets home from work around midnight, sometimes later, and is getting up first thing in the morning to do this insane work out. It's so insane that it's actually called Insanity. Usually workout videos have happy, beautiful people totally oblivious to the fact that their at-home audience is probably dying. Not Insanity. The video opens with everyone smiling and slapping high fives, but as soon as the warm-up begins, they start dropping like flies.

6. On the New Pope
"He's from New York. I think he'll be great."
7. On Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

After calming down my 18-month-old at 4:30 in the morning, I suddenly had to find out what happened to the original Colleen on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Something I've been meaning to do for 20 years.

Erika Flores: no gossip here, just focusing on school!

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