Friday, June 14, 2013

REALLY Quick Takes Friday: The One In Which The Endnotes Are Longer Than The Quick Takes

(Volume 6)

1. Opposite Work Schedules

Because Wally works nights,
and evenings without Wally can get crazy,
I usually wait until after the kids are in bed to eat dinner myself.
So, last night, for dinner, I ate Cheetos.
And they were delicious.

2. How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

I also ate Cheetos for dinner the night before.

3. Choices & Consequences

There should be no confusion about why I have health issues.

4. Double Standards

But don't worry, my kids aren't allowed to eat Cheetos.

5. Fun Date Ideas

AmazonLocal had a good deal on flight lessons six months ago, so I bought one for Wally, and we are going flying THIS MORNING! Yay!

6. Till Death Do Us Part

I wrote up wills for us, in case we die.

7. Um, About the Kids

But I didn't have time to ask you if it was okay that you're inheriting our children, should anything happen to us. Ummmmm, hope you'll take good care of them. They come with a little bit of life insurance from us, and the house, which should get you by for about 3 months. Oh, and a dog, and a cat.*

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 *The wills were a last-minute reality check. We promise to be in touch shortly, if your name is actually one of the progressive list** of people we would like to care for our kids, and we survive the flight this morning.

**There are 10 people on the list, so you could always pass them on to the next name down***, who is also guaranteed to be a loving, awesome, wonderful person.

***Their young, vibrant grandparents are #1 on the list, so there's little chance of anyone else getting them.

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