Thursday, September 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Tried and True Coping Mechanisms, Saving the Environment, and More DIY (vol. 11)

1.  Kummerspeck (German; literally translated "emotional bacon")
It's been a rough couple of weeks. Emotional eating is cheaper than therapy, and I love a bargain. More on good words that don't translate well into English.
2. Straws
I bought straws for the sole purpose of blending frozen fruit and yogurt into smoothies and eating healthier. So far, they have only been used for milkshakes. (See #1)
3. Popcorn also a great emotional food, especially if you melt Nutella with butter and mix it all together.

Except frugalista-me found out you can pour popcorn kernels in any paper bag, roll the top, and pop it in the microwave. And when you overfill the kernels because it was that kind of day, and then you walk away to try to get something else done while it pops, that's how you catch things on fire in the microwave.

4. Kids Can Kill You

This week I looked up Mother's Day Out and preschool options for our kids, because I am going NUTS. And I was like, "You can't put a price on a mother's sanity, so whatever it costs, we're doing this!"

But then I saw the prices.

We're going to try an intermediary step of Wally and I giving each other regular time off each week. I think this set-up, with a little more Kummerspeck, should do the trick.

And if not, a mental institution is still less expensive than preschool, so I guess you can put a price on mothers' mental health.

5. When Things Get Out Of Control

When I go nuts, I organize and micro-manage. People think we keep a clean, organized house, because we're clean, organized people. No, it's more an indicator of where I currently register on the insanity scale. Which is why our kids' closet looks like this:

You can't see the labels I put on all the boxes. Those are in case a stranger is putting away our laundry and can't tell that socks go in the box with all the other socks.

6. DIY Successes and Failures

The army green cabinets in our kitchen didn't look too bad when we moved in 18 months ago, but I imagined how nice the original wood grain would look and spent hours (and hours and hours) of naptimes and evenings refinishing them to reveal the original, gleaming wood. They turned out awful. I guess they were cheap cabinets, designed to be painted, because the wood grain is inconsistent on each door, so each cabinet absorbs "red oak" stain differently. The overall look is shades of 1980s brown.

At the same time, I refinished our $10 garage sale kitchen table to match the cabinets. The table turned out great.

So now the beautiful table matches the horrible cabinets. And "Fixing the kitchen cabinets" returns to [the bottom of] our Home Projects List.

7. Saving the Environment One Baby Bottom At A Time

This kid has super-sensitive skin. So we're trying out cloth diapering. So far, I love it!

I didn't anticipate how much wet clothes weigh on a clothesline, so the line is about 18 inches off the grass. The boys are enjoying the new obstacle course in our backyard.

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  1. Just put some protein in the milkshakes and call it breakfast. ;) I have never tried cloth diapers and I am hopeful we are nearly done with diapers. I also have an urge to clean and organize when I am feeling overwhelmed by other factors. But I don't think I act on it enough. Have a good weekend!