Friday, November 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes: In Which Cars Wreck and Cats Fall (Vol. 13)

1. The space-time continuum is very unstable in my house, especially overnight. There's a portal right over my feet in the bed, and the cat keeps falling through it. So I guess I'll do Quick Takes.

2. I wrecked my car last week and felt too stupid to say anything about it on Facebook, because Facebook is only for shiny happy things.

3. So I posted pictures of RadioLab on tour instead. #mayzen

This guy met me at the door with a margarita when I got home from wrecking my car. And waited until the next morning to talk about what a bad driver I am. (Seriously, I am.) #loveis

4. Somehow with a folded up hood and broken grill (from driving under an SUV), the car's totaled, and the insurance company would rather give me money to pay for 20% of a new/used car than fix the one that's paid off and running beautifully. Well, um, was.

5. (Kids weren't in the car with me. Everyone's fine.)

The picture you want to see -- which only exists on a random passerby's Instagram under the headline "Look at this idiot!" -- is the one where I'm standing on the side of the freeway trying to pull the hood back down. Nothing declares, "I'm a Sicilian AND a Texan!" quite like trying to bend steel with your bare hands.

6. So this week's schizo rave has been exhausting, oscillating between a stern solo guilt trip, internal gratitude lectures, and the lamest pity party ever. (The guilt trip keeps nixing impulse shopping and fast food, so the pity party really does suck.)

7. And in a classic case of denial, my whiny toddler self has joined arms with my Sicilian Texan self to think I can deal with all the repercussions of this "all by myself!" The truth is, I've cried to Husband, Mommy, Daddy, Teenage Sister, and the Ghosts of Friends Past all week, and there's really no such thing as doing it all by myself. (Cue Internal Gratitude Lecture)

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