Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our DIY Bathroom Renovation: Timeline & Photos

April 20, 2012: First bath time with a one-year-old and two-year-old in your new home. Realize you can't fit both kids in the bathroom with the door shut, and you can't put the kids in the bathtub with the door open. Make do while other more important projects get done around the house

May 20, 2013: Fall in love with a laundry chute bathroom cabinet at Ikea. Decide it's time to renovate the bathroom.

June 4, 2013: Buy discount tile at the Habitat for Humanity Restore, with the intent to re-tile the bathroom. Impulsively buy enough to tile the hallway too.

June 24, 2013: Buy a $40 toilet at the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

July 28, 2013: Attend a Home Depot workshop on how to install tile. Be inspired! A pro who's been doing it for 30 years says, "It's easy!"

August 11, 2013: Pocket door kit arrives, ready to be installed in an open frame.

     1. Google "Open frame."

     2. Just go for it.

August 15, 2013: Order the door jamb to complete the pocket door frame. 

August 20, 2013: Door jamb arrives. Put giant box behind couch. Leave it there.

September 15, 2013: Drywall the gaping hole in the hallway from the pocket door frame installation.

September 30, 2013: Remove the vanity and sink. (Put a bottle of hand sanitizer on back of the toilet tank.) 

October 14 - November 21, 2013: Plaster and texture the drywall in the hallway. Paint the hallway with leftover paint from the bedroom desk DIY project.

Plaster and texture the drywall in the bathroom. Paint the bathroom with new pretty paint from Home Depot. 

December 2, 2013: Get the door jamb box out from behind the couch and open it.

     1. Curse that you could've bought scrap pieces of wood at Home Depot for a quarter of the cost of this "online kit."

     2. Curse that it doesn't actually fit the door frame.

     3. Buy scrap wood at Home Depot to finish the pocket door jamb.

December 5, 2013: Remove the toilet.

December 6 - 9, 2013: Kids stay at Mommom & Poppop's House.

Celebrate your 5-year anniversary with a non-stop around-the-clock tiling party during Icepocalypse 2013. 

Some highlights:

     1. Fit a 150-pound wet saw in the backseat of a Passat.

     2. Park a block over and haul a 150-pound wet saw up the hill to your house, because the street is iced over and cars can't make it through the neighborhood.

December 12, 2013: Install a toilet for 3 hours. (Google & rig your way to a working toilet. Voila!)

December 15, 2013: Go to Ikea to pick up the amazing laundry chute that you saw there 6 months ago. They no longer carry it. Find amazing bookshelves that are even better, cheaper, and already put together in the "As Is" section of the store, and buy those instead. Pick up your traumatized 3-year-old from Småland.

"They wouldn't let us play in the ball pit!"
December 16 - 19, 2013: Complete all the finishing touches. Bathroom looks amazing!

December 27, 2013: Escape to a B&B for the night to celebrate!


  1. Bathroom really does look amazing! I'm impressed with your skills.

  2. Holy Cow!!! I didn't realize you guys just finished the bathroom! Just in time for the progressive dinner. Nice job ya'll!