Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Nicest Thing I Ever Did For My Cat

I didn't clean the cat's litter box. It really needs to be cleaned. I didn't clean it last night either. But I filled the dog's water bowl. Eh, close enough. 

"Tomorrow... tomorrow..." and then I'm asleep.

When Wally and I started talking about maybe, possibly having a third kid, I was really apprehensive. I kept saying, "We can't bring a baby into our already crazy lives!"

There's no guarantee the baby's needs would rank above the dog, in the sleeplessness of newborndom. Everything just kind of exists in time and space and what gets done is done and then undone and what doesn't get done floats around until it absolutely seriously for real has to get done like now like yesterday. And the cat, the poor cat.

But I was wrong. 

As it turns out, having a baby -- or two babies at once, as it turned out -- was the nicest thing we've ever done for our cat. I'd recommend it, for cat lovers everywhere.

First there was the maternity pillow: 

The buggy by the backdoor (with the best view to watch birds in the yard):

The changing table (with the best view to watch babies in the crib):

A new chair, just for her: 

Truly, they've become the kittens she never had. (Wally's going to kill me for writing that.)

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