Saturday, April 18, 2015

How To Resolve Any Customer Service Situation

Wally covered Steps 1 - 6, spending A YEAR trying to work things out with this company. Thanks to his patience and perseverance, I got to jump straight to Step 7.

1. You call a customer service representative for the company. Work with them. Stay with it. You will find a solution. Keep working with them.

You are low-key. You are patient. You are calm.

2. You ask to speak with someone who can help resolve the situation, perhaps a boss. Not available? You are happy to leave a voicemail.

You are cheerful. You are optimistic. You are calm.

3. You check in again. Just to see. Keep calling. Check-in again. Check-in again. Check-in again.

You are chill. You are kind. You are calm.

4. You ask to please file a complaint. You ask to please check on the complaint filed. You ask to please escalate the complaint filed to the attention of SomeoneAnyone.

You are carefree. You are light-hearted. You are calm.

5. You explain again to someone new. Remember to smile while talking on the phone. You are transferred. Explain it again. You are transferred. Smile. Explain it again.

You are chatty. You are appreciative. You are calm.

6. You send a letter. It is polite. You send five copies to five different people in the company. Perhaps someone will read it. Perhaps someone will reply.

You are polite. You are hopeful. You are calm.

7. You Go Crazy and draft this letter:

Dear Chase,

My husband, Paul, just shared your reply email with me.

I’m so glad you’ve gotten to meet my husband over the past year of attempting to resolve our situation. Paul is kind, patient, and diplomatic, and I so appreciate that he’s taken point on this project.

I am Paul's impulsive, crazy wife who never sleeps and drinks too much coffee. 

I have spent years staying up all night to feed babies, and while doing so, I have found the end of the internet.

But when I checked reviews online and saw that your company’s using the same drawn-out unethical scheming tactics on others, my righteous-anger-crazy self lost it. 

I asked my husband if I could reach out to you, and he said to wait. So I waited. And waited. And waited, buoyed by Paul's endless ocean supply of patience. But then he got tired of waiting too, and said I could step in.

Heads up.


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