Sunday, August 6, 2017

In Which I Realize How Much Liberals & Conservatives Have In Common

Have you ever noticed how... 

Liberal talking points on Legal Abortion are strikingly similar to conservative talking points on Illegal Immigration

1. It's the law of the land. 

2. It's our patriotic obligation to follow the law. 

3. Extenuating and peripheral situations don't matter. This is the law, no matter what. 

4. The vulnerable have no rights; this is about honoring the rights of those who were here first.

5. The law has already been established. It doesn't need to change; if anything, it needs to be enforced to the greatest extent possible. 

6. Local governments cannot be trusted to make the right decision on this. It should be a national issue. 


Conservative talking points on Legal Abortion are right in line with liberal talking points on Illegal Immigration

1. The law is unjust. We're accountable to a higher law. 

2. Our laws should reflect compassion for the vulnerable. 

3. This is a human rights issue. 

4. We must protect and prioritize the nuclear family. 

5. We must recognize the dignity of every person. 

6. We will organize grass roots community efforts to support those most hurt by this unjust law. We don't understand why political opponents demonize our efforts. 

7. Local municipalities and states should have the freedom to determine how best to address this issue.

Well that should upset everyone equally. 

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