Tuesday, September 19, 2017

No, "Cheap Sex" Is Not Why No One's Getting Married

Is cheap sex making marriage obsolete? Mark Regnerus, sociologist and author of a new book on the topic, sure thinks so. (Incidentally, so does my late grandmother, who took every opportunity to counsel, re: "giving the milk away for free.")

He’s right on one point: marriage rates are decreasing. But slut-shaming, with a side of porn and masturbation, isn’t the primary source of this decline.

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Do we really believe, as a society, for the past 241 years of American history, men simply followed their phallus into lifelong marriage in exchange for an exclusive, all-access pass to unlimited sex?

I’d expect this kind of reasoning from Hugh Hefner or James Bond. Surprisingly, it’s quite prevalent in Christian dating advice books. The best cure for sexual desire before marriage? Simply get married!

As a married woman, please, hear me out: this is terrible, terrible advice.

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  2. Well that is an interesting and very controversial topic. I see the correlation in the chart and it kind of makes sense to have more divorces when there are more marriages:)

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