Saturday, September 23, 2017

White Privilege Is Real.

1. On Drugs In America

"White privilege" is when your race's illegal drug epidemic is (rightly) treated as a national health crisis -- addressed with better addiction therapy and the hope of recovery -- instead of a three-strikes-you're-out criminalization of addiction. 

The imprisonment rate of black people for drug charges is over five times that of white people. It's a systemically different approach to the same problem.
Heroin addicts in court.
2. On White Mass Murderers in America

"White privilege" is when your demographic (angry white men) regularly commits senseless murder by gun violence against groups of strangers, yet it's not seen as an epidemic. People don't assume everyone who shares your religious identity is also dangerous. Your violence doesn't reflect poorly on the entirety of white culture. You commit the worst mass murder in American history, yet before anyone even looks into your past, religious or cultural affiliation, you're labeled a "lone wolf" instead of a "terrorist," simply due to the color of your skin. 

2. On White Crime In America

"White privilege" is when you murder two strangers, because you don't like the color of their skin. And the local paper does a write-up on your background of outstanding community service, complete with your smiling Boy Scout photo. 

(The Boy Scouts have disavowed him, for what it's worth.)

Despite his criminal history, culminating in cold-blooded murder, Kenneth Gleason is not called a thug. The article describes him as an intelligent loner with a studious interest in white supremacy. 

The names of his black victims are Bruce Cofield and Donald Smart. The article doesn't mention that.

The newspaper has changed the lead photo, headline, and content since publication, due to social media pressure. Screenshots of the original article are below.
3. On Escalation Of Police Interactions With Suspects In America 

"White privilege" is when you can de-escalate a police interaction, simply by the color of your skin. 

Of all of the unarmed people shot and killed by police in 2015, 40 percent of them were black men, even though black men make up just 6 percent of the nation’s population. 

Unarmed black Americans are five times as likely as unarmed white Americans to be shot and killed by a police officer.

About 13 percent of all black people fatally shot by police since January 2015 were unarmed, compared with 7 percent of all white people.

Even adjusting for black Americans living in higher crime areas, thereby increasing probability of police presence and interaction, police escalation to lethal violence against a suspect is higher for black Americans than white Americans. 
Photo Source
4. On Every-Day Details Of Life In America

"White Privilege" is when you can go shopping alone, without store employees following you through the store, suspecting you will shoplift. 

"White Privilege" is when learning the history of our country, emphasis is on the positive influence of light-skinned people. 

"White Privilege" is when you can use checks, credit cards, or cash, without the recipient wondering if you're financially reliable

"White Privilege" is when I can criticize my government and have concern for how its policies will affect me and my family, without being seen as a political outsider

"White Privilege" is when I can advocate for racial justice without being judged as self-serving. 

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