Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Antemortem Directive: Politicize My Death

Should my death come unexpectedly, due to possibly preventable circumstances, please do not observe a waiting period before analyzing what went wrong. Politicize the hell out of it. 

This list of questions may help:

1. Did insurance refuse to cover a pre-existing condition? 

2. Did insurance turn down an expensive treatment?

3. Did government healthcare disconnect life support against my family's wishes?

4. Was I unable to afford health insurance, so unable to get a diagnosis for an entirely preventable disease?

5. Was I hit by a drunk driver? Did they have prior convictions?

6. Did someone have a gun who shouldn't have? How did they get it?

7. Did someone turn violent because they were in need of mental health treatment, without access to it? 

8. Did someone act out of some wrongly interpreted Christian or Muslim or other religious ideology that caused them to see themselves as more righteous than everyone else and kill recklessly?

9. Was I posing a threat to someone entirely in their right to shoot in self defense? Was I actually a threat?

10. Was there a danger at my workplace that my boss knew about, but I didn't?

11. Did my car have a known manufacturer defect that caused a fatal wreck?

12. Was someone on a government watch list, not being watched by the government?

13. Was I out too late at night, wearing leggings under a tunic, and pretty much asking to be killed?

14. Did I participate in a rally that offended counter protesters?

15. Did I do something stupid and unsafe that no one should ever attempt again?

Seriously, It will honor me in death, if you will talk about these things. Talk about what went wrong, and if it was preventable. And if something isn't right, please, take action to prevent it from happening to someone else.

And most of all, please pray for my eternal rest, and be assured, I'll pray for you too.

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