Tuesday, February 6, 2018

When Abortion Is A Homicide of Self-Defense

A person who shoots in self-defense — oftentimes, a police officer — warrants their actions by describing a genuine experience of fear, even when additional information reveals an unarmed victim, sometimes without criminal history or criminal intent. An innocent victim.
In response, innovative police courses are empowering officers to better negotiate fear.
In the same way, our society needs to better resource parents — women, in particular — to navigate the genuine fears of raising children in America.
I’ll lose my job.
I can’t afford daycare.
No one can help me.
If I don’t work, my other children can’t eat.
I was raped.
I don’t have health insurance.
I can’t raise a special needs child.
My husband is abusive.
My parents will kick me out.
I’m afraid my child would just be lost and abused in a broken foster care system.
Abortion doesn’t need to be a homicide of self-defense.
Through better resources for parents, we can help remove the fear.
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