Tuesday, February 6, 2018

When Abortion Is A Homicide of Self-Defense

Fear, even unfounded fear, is used regularly as justification for homicides committed in self-defense.
In response, innovative police courses are empowering officers to better negotiate fear.
In the same way, our society needs to better resource parents — women, in particular — to navigate the genuine fears of raising children in America.
I’ll lose my job.
I can’t afford daycare.
No one can help me.
If I don’t work, my other children can’t eat.
I was raped.
I don’t have health insurance.
I can’t raise a special needs child.
My husband is abusive.
My parents will kick me out.
I’m afraid my child would just be lost and abused in a broken foster care system.
Abortion doesn’t need to be a homicide of self-defense.
Through better resources for parents, we can help remove the fear.
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