Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sex Robots & Brothels: Well, Why Not?

My latest FemCatholic article is a primer on sex robots.

(I know, I know, surely I have better things to do with my time than research robot brothels.)

Initially, I was curious why the Houston City Council -- the same city council that unanimously supported "the bathroom bill" three years ago -- worked so hard to keep a robot brothel out of Houston. It didn't seem like a big deal to me.

Better than an actual brothel, right? No victims, right? Maybe a deterrent from crimes against actual people?*

The try-before-you-buy sex robot showroom would set up along a row of pre-existing strip clubs in a city that, proudly and historically, doesn't care about zoning anyway.

As I considered all of this, I kept returning to the question of how Catholic sexual ethics fit into American society as a whole. On that, I'm still pondering and open to others' thoughts.

Below are several caveats that are related but not included in the article:

1) Given our current sexual abuse scandal in which Church leadership historically protected perpetrators over victims, it's difficult, especially for non-Catholics, to take Catholic teaching on sexual ethics seriously.

2) There are good people and good families who do not follow my very Catholic belie
fs about human sexuality.

3) The United States is not a theocracy (nor should it be), and personal practice of Catholic sexual ethics are best protected by a separation of church and state.

4) Catholic sexual ethics should not be legislated except in cases when one per
son's freedoms negatively affect another's free choice (i.e. human trafficking, domestic violence, pedophilia, child pornography, forced sterilization, etc.).

As a socially-traditional Catholic woman who fulfills nearly every stereotype of that identifier, it usually takes me some time and creative thinking to understand the latest sexual fads. Sex robots, unsurprisingly, were no exception.

You can read my thoughts on that over at FemCatholic.

*Links in the article respond to these questions.

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