Monday, April 8, 2019

Leticia Ochoa Adams Interview!

It was so awesome to meet Leticia Ochoa Adams in person at the FemCatholic conference last March! She's an amazing woman with an amazing story.

We were absolutely captivated by her words. She had us laughing and crying, then laughing, then crying... what a life she has lived and is living.

I had the opportunity to interview Leticia after the conference, and she shared so much of her heart. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

A chapter you wrote for The Catholic Hipster Handbook includes the confession that you started attending RCIA only to get your “Catholic badge” so your live-in boyfriend would marry you. What drew you further into Catholicism?

LOA: My RCIA director was honest about his past and how he was addicted to heroin. He is also very much in love with Jesus and talks about Christ like He is real, and I wanted that.
Also, I was drawn in by being loved and treated like a person, instead of being reduced to my mistakes, by the people God put in my life from the very beginning of my conversion: my RCIA director, Noe Rocha, and my two priests, Fr. Jonathan (Fr. J) and Fr. Dean. These three men became my spiritual fathers. They accepted me as I was and never judged me.
Fr. J helped get me into therapy and was one of the first people in my life to tell me that the trauma of being sexually abused as child was the root cause of so many of my choices in life. He told me that God wanted to heal me. I felt seen and not judged in his office.

Read the rest over at FemCatholic!

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